Rosalyn Green named
2021 John Penn Citizen of the Year

Mark Pace, 2021 John Penn Citizen of the Year, presented the prestigious award to his friend and colleague, Ms. Rosalyn Green. This is the 42nd year of the award. The John Penn Citizen of the Year award is given yearly to a county citizen who has given their time in a volunteer capacity to enhance the quality of life in Granville County. Mark presented the award with such eloquence and kept Rosalyn out of the loop until the very end. Mark stated, “Synonymous-having the same meaning as another word or phrase in the same language. Here are some words and phrases synonymous with the person we acknowledge this evening: mentoring youth, mental health advocate, church service, child advocacy, Cooperative Extension Service, Leadership Granville, George C. Shaw Museum, Mary Potter, and one near and dear to many-preserver of history.” For those of you who know Rosalyn, you know that she has a heart for service. She serves on many boards in the county, volunteers at countless non-profits including ACIM, CCM, the Chamber, DOEDC, and the Mary Potter Club, just to name a few. It is an honor to know and work with Rosalyn Green. She is one of a kind and Granville County is blessed to have her!

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