Member Companies of the
Granville County Chamber of Commerce

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List of Companies by Category

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Companies: M

David HockadayM & H Tires & Treads
PO Box 56
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Pho: 919-528-1858
Mike McConchieM & M Consultants, Inc
3050 East Bay Ct.
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Business Coach
Pho: 919-529-0616
Fax: 919-529-0616
Thanos TsoumbosMain Street Oasis
130 Main St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-725-9268
Donna WhitleyManpower Temporary Services
112 Broad Street
Oxford, NC 27565
Employment Services / Agencies
Pho: 919-693-6150
Fax: 919-693-3185
McKinley PerkinsonMaria Parham Medical Center
566 Ruin Creek Rd
Henderson, NC 27536
Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities
Pho: 252-436-1402
Marshall TannerMarshall Tanner
209 College St
Oxford, NC 27565
Associate Members
Pho: 919-693-5981
Martha MortonMartha Morton
Sunset Rd
Oxford, NC 27565
Associate Members
Helen BrummittMary Kay - Helen Brummitt
6062 Horner Siding Rd.
Oxford, NC 27565
Independent Beauty Consult
Pho: 919-693-2806
MaryAnn GreenwellMaryAnn With Mary Kay
1978 Sadler Ave.
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Independent Beauty Consultant
Pho: 919-529-0145
Kevin OtisMasonic Home for Children at Oxford
600 College Street
Oxford, NC 27565
Children's Homes
Pho: 919-693-5111
Andrea EndrusickMcDonalds-Endrusick Enterprises
703 Linden Ave
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-7599
Fax: 919-693-8566
Mark HopperMcGregor Hall Performing Arts Center
PO Box 1333
Henderson, NC 27536
Pho: 252-598-0662
Michael BrummittMike Brummitt Heating and Cooling
PO Box 40
Oxford, NC 27565
Heating & Cooling Contractor
Pho: 919-693-5536
Fax: 919-693-5530
Tempie ForbesMorton and Sherman Implement Company
603 Roxboro Road
Oxford, NC 27565
Farm Equipment & Supplies
Pho: 919-693-3196
Fax: 919-690-1260
Lori Ann ScappinoMule Town Veterinary Hospital
413 North Main St.
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Pho: 919-529-2066
Leslie MurrayMurdoch Center Vocational Enterprises
1600 East C St. PO Box 3000
Butner, NC 27509
Sheltered Workshop Program
Pho: 919-575-1565
Fax: 919-575-1593
Annette MyersMyers,Annette
PO Box 461
Oxford, NC 27565
Associate Members
Pho: 919-693-2354
Updated: 12 September 2017