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Granville County Chamber of Commerce

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List of Companies by Category

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Companies: G

Rosalyn GreenG.C. Shaw Museum
202 E. McClanahan St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-690-0325
Jami MooreGAP Audit Consulting Inc
144 Main St., Ste. 206
Oxford, NC 27565
Consulting - Agricultural
Pho: 919-671-3433
David OwenGate Precast Company
PO Box 1604-3800 Oxford Outer Loop
Oxford, NC 27565
Manufacturing Industries
Pho: 919-603-1633
Gaynelle FinchGaynelle Finch
1205 College St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Associate Members
Pho: 919-693-4563
Keith PellGentiva Hospice
136 Roxboro Rd-PO Box 70
Oxford, Nc 27565
Health Care
Pho: 919-603-0126
Fax: 919-603-0877
Lisa Wooten/Daniel KuhrGentry, Newell & Vaughan Funeral Home & Chapel
PO Box 57-503 College St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Funeral Services
Pho: 919-693-5191
Fax: 919-693-8999
George RitchieGeorge Ritchie
6067 Tabbs Creek Rd.
Oxford, NC 27565
Associate Members
Pho: 919-603-5764
George AkyarGeorge' s Oxford Village Family Restaurant
PO Box 614-104 E Industry Dr
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-603-3760
Fax: 919-690-0092
Nicole GordonGil-man Florist
501 North Durham Ave.
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Pho: 919-528-2160
Shellie CullerGirl Scouts NC Coastal Pines
6901 Pinecrest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27613
Non Profit
Pho: 919-600-6331
Kyle GlennGlenn Construction Company, Inc.
671 Roberts Chapel Road
Stem, NC 27581
Pho: 919-482-0559
Robin LuckGood Samaritan Thrift
103 E Wilton Ave.
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Thrift Store
Pho: 919-528-0807
Heather DavisGrammies Kitchen
209 N Main St.
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Pho: 919-529-1300
Ron Daniels/Tabitha WadeGrand Slam Realty
1604 Sanders Rd.
Stem, NC 27581
Real Estate Agents / Realtors
Pho: 919-616-4217
Fax: 99-528-2004
Scott Kirk/Robert Smith/Peggy SmithGrand Springs Premium Water
2140 Mt. Carmel Rd.
Alton, VA 24520
Distributing Products-Bottled Water,Coffee,other
Pho: 434-753-2515
Fax: 434-753-1413
Lama ElkhatibGranville Co Dept of Social Services
410 West Spring St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Government Agencies
Pho: 919-693-1511
 Granville Co Habitat For Humanity
PO Box 1369-121 Hilltop Village
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-693-5694
Laura KeithGranville Co Unit of NC Retired School Personnel
701 Lake Rd
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Non Profit
Pho: 919-906-2203
Harry MillsGranville Co. Economic Devt. Comm.
PO Box 26
Oxford, NC 27565
Government Agencies
Pho: 919-693-5911
Fax: 919-693-1952
Joy RoysterGranville Co. Extension Volunteer Association
PO Box 926
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-693-7316
Kathy AdcockGranville Co. Register of Deeds
PO Box 427
Oxford, NC 27565
Government Agencies
Pho: 919-693-6314
Angela AllenGranville Co. Tourism Development Authority
124 Hillsboro St. - PO Box 820
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-6125
Fax: 919-693-6126
Frank SchmitGranville Communications
PO Box 29
Oxford, NC 27565
Radio - Two-way
Pho: 919-693-4454
Michael FeltsGranville County
PO Box 906
Oxford, NC 27565
Government Agencies
Pho: 919-693-5240
Fax: 919-690-1766
Angela ClaytonGranville County Association of Educators
4839 Pixley Pritchard Rd
Timberlake, NC 27583
Non Profit
Pho: 919-339-0327
Christina HenthornGranville County Beekeepers Association
7055 Wildlife Ridge
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 907-738-9047
Rev. Frank SossamonGranville County Crime Stoppers
143 Williamsboro St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-693-3100
Donna Keeton/Rob AtkinsGranville County Farm Bureau
110 New College Street - PO Box 1628
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-3151
Pam ThorntonGranville County Museum/Historical
PO Box 1433
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-9706
Dorwin HowardGranville County Schools
PO Box 927
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-4613
Tom CookGranville County Schools Virtual Enterprises
2043 Sanders Rd.
Stem, NC 27581
Pho: 919-528-2794
Fax: 919-528-2804
Page BowenGranville County Shrine Club
PO Box 669 - Hwy 158
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-692-4187
Laurie CortrightGranville County Spare, Inc.
5605 Farmington Dr.
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-725-2771
Dori KoinisGranville Ed Foundation
PO Box 2056
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-693-7047
Fax: 919-693-5246
Dr. Shelley OlsonGranville Family Dentistry
PO Box 189-1104 College St.
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-4090
Fax: 919-693-9255
Charles CritcherGranville Graphics
PO Box 643 - 200 W Spring St
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-7977
Fax: 919-693-2808
James MinorGranville Gun Works
208-F N Main St.-PO Box 616
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Sporting Goods
Pho: 919-529-9200
Fax: 919-529-9202
Lee Isley, AdminGranville Health System
PO Box 947
Oxford, NC 27565
Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities
Pho: 919-690-3000
Sandra Dean PruittGranville Insurance Agency, Inc.
PO Box 905
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-8196
Fax: 919-693-8197
Amy GarbooshianGranville Little Theatre, Inc.
PO Box 315
Oxford, NC 27565
Non Profit
Pho: 919-795-8410
Dr. Michael Mahan/Dr. ChavisGranville Primary Care/Oxford
1032 College St
Oxford, NC 27565
Pho: 919-693-6541
Wendy SmithGranville Vance Home Health
PO Box 367
Oxford, NC 27565
Health Services
Pho: 919-693-2141
Fax: 919-693-8157
John F. Cannady, IIIGreystone Concrete Products, Inc.
PO Box 680
Henderson, NC 27536
Concrete, Asphalt or Aggregates
Pho: 252-438-5144
Fax: 252-438-2350
Updated: 9 March 2017